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Always had a fab meal from Manzil no matter what we order, highly recommended and great staff!

Angela, 23 Jan 2021

Food good, delivered on time, no problems at all

Brian, 22 Jan 2021

Always good value for money and consistently very good meals

Alexis, 22 Jan 2021

Perfectly on time, and a faultless set meal for 2. Great value for such a quality meal. I've been using the Manzil for the last 8 yrs for takeaway and business in house meals. I've never had one complaint to raise. Well done to the Manzil team.

Mark, 16 Jan 2021

What can the points accrued be used for?

Derek, 14 Jan 2021

We were offered a complimentary meal after an order confusion last night which we gladly accepted. Customer service has been spot on to deal with the issue and we will gladly order from Manzil again. Thank you

Becky, 10 Jan 2021

Lovely food

Liam, 07 Jan 2021

Superb, as always. Best in the toon.

Neil Fairley, 30 Dec 2020

We have been for years ordering a set meal for one. Never fault the quality or service, however this evenings order was below par. Vegetable pakora seeemed to be double cooked or fried, not edible, curry appeared it was left overs taken out of a cold fridge and heated in a microwave, still cold. Nan bread and poppadom s with onion were the only things edible. Don't think I will order on a Monday again, will stick to the weekend when the food appears to be fresh. You usually spice the Pasanda up for us but not this time despite requesting it.

Ivan, 28 Dec 2020

Always good quality and good service

Stephanie, 27 Dec 2020


Jim, 22 Dec 2020

Excellent meal delivered very quickly

John, 02 Dec 2020

What do the points mean? I have 1000 but no idea what advantages you get?

Daniel, 03 Nov 2020

Always AMAZING Thank you

Traceyanne Higgins , 31 Oct 2020

The chicken dishes were very tasty however not very hot and onion bajhi starter was super cold and I have no doubt the lamb tikka starter meat had turned bad. I could not eat it! I took a bite from 2 of the 3 pieces of meat and it was very tough and DEFINATELY wasnt fresh! It is a shame to have to say this because I find it awkward but the right thing to do. I hope I dont get Ill. Nor anybody else. It's a disappointment as I really enjoyed our last meal. I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt as I know times are hard for business owners right now,. I'm aware this message will not be welcomely received but it is the truth. Please check any remaining lamb/storage etc I'm so sorry I've had to say this but actually I promise I do so for your own best interests. I'm not the kind of person to just complain or try to offend anybody. I will come back and try again in good faith and I wish u all the best.

Jenna, 27 Oct 2020

Always an Excellent meal.

Walter, 24 Oct 2020

Asked for curry to be medium strength Which I always do, but unfortunately it wasn’t made to my request this time, found it a bit bland, bit dissapointing but still enjoyed the meal overall.

Rhonda, 10 Oct 2020

Would be great if I could order soft drinks at the same time e.g. cans of coke

Roddy, 09 Oct 2020

Thank you the food was amazing

R, 08 Oct 2020

Best in Perth

Colin, 23 Sep 2020

Good stuff fae a good restaurant

Rosco, 17 Aug 2019

Lovely set meal.

Susan, 17 Aug 2019

Easy to use

Linda, 10 Aug 2019

We enjoyed our meal very much many thanks

Cheryl Given, 06 Aug 2019

We enjoyed our meal so much, many thanks

Cheryl, 06 Aug 2019


Mike, 27 Jul 2019